Sculptra is an injectable dermal filler used to smooth out lines and wrinkles in the face, giving you a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance while stimulating your skin’s natural collagen production. Results develop gradually and are natural-looking. If you are looking for subtle yet noticeable results that are long-lasting, Sculptra may be the perfect treatment for you.

Smooth out wrinkles and restore lost volume

Over the years, your body’s natural production of collagen declines. This causes your skin to lose firmness, resulting in sagging skin, wrinkles, and lines. While this is a natural part of the aging process, you can do something about it, and you don’t have to live with it. Sculptra is a revolutionary treatment that works differently than other dermal fillers. Instead of merely replacing lost volume, it encourages the production of new collagen to gradually restore fullness to wrinkles and folds. This gives your face a softer, more youthful look. Sculptra can be used to: 

Soften nasolabial folds (the vertical lines from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth)

  • Add volume to hollow or sunken cheeks
  • Treat hollow temples
  • Create a defined jawline
  • Smooth out wrinkles in the mid to lower face and chin area
  • Improve skin texture 
  • Tighten and smooth your skin, naturally
  • Soften the lines framing your mouth (marionette lines)
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Your initial consultation at Timeless Med

At Timeless Med in Scottsdale, Arizona, patient care is our highest priority. Our CEO Dara Rummel cares for each and every client on a personal basis. During your initial consultation, the Timeless staff will go over your medical history, your personal aesthetic goals, and any concerns you may have. If you have any questions at all, Dara will take the time to fully answer them and ensure you have all the information you need. Dara has hired the best in the business to perform these injections. Her rule of thumb is that she would not hire anyone she would not personally trust with her own face.

The Sculptra difference

Timeless Med’s Sculptra treatment is the first treatment designed exclusively for a refined, yet nuanced lift. This subtle yet direct treatment allows for a more progressive and natural change, as opposed to the instant change seen with many anti-wrinkle solutions on the market. Sculptra works gradually and leads to a subtle yet noticeable improvement in skin volume. The recommended treatment includes three injection sessions over a few months, though very patient is unique and different, so we will customize your treatment based on the most achievable and naturalistic results. With each session, the active ingredient (poly-L-lactic acid) is injected into the skin, replacing lost collagen while encouraging natural collagen production for long-lasting, natural-looking results that can last up to two years. 

How long does a treatment session take?

A typical Sculptra session takes between 15 minutes and an hour. As Sculptra is pre-mixed with lidocaine, injections are very tolerable, and any discomfort should be mild. An additional topical numbing cream can be applied as needed. Your Sculptra will be injected into specific areas of your face using very fine needles. After your treatment, you can go right back to work or any other daily activities. No downtime is required. However, we recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours. 

When will I see results?

You may experience mild swelling or soreness after your Sculptra injections. This should subside on its own within a few days. It is important that you massage the treated areas for five minutes, five times a day for the first five days. Immediately after your treatment, you may see some extra volume in the treated areas. These results are temporary and will fade shortly. Your real, long-term results will develop gradually over the course of a few months. Rather than plump up the skin with substances that lose potency over time, the Sculptra approach is to solve the problem at its root.

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Rewrite your future

Timeless Med was created with the intention of helping you look and feel their best at any age. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge minimally invasive treatments that give you real results without requiring any downtime. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we will treat you like the true VIP that you are. From your very first consultation to your last follow-up appointment, we will listen to you and make sure you feel confident, comfortable, and cared for every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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