The journey to healthier, thicker hair starts at Timeless Med.

At Timeless Med, we are passionate about helping our clients avoid hair loss. To that end, we offer our clients the world’s most effective products to support healthy hair growth.

After hair restoration, we do more for you.

For most of our hair transplant patients, we recommend that they ward off the progression of baldness with medications such as Finasteride or supplements like Nutrafol and Votesse, the most effective nutritional supplement for healthy hair growth sold in physician offices.

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Topical Finasteride

Men who have taken oral Finasteride often are not happy with the side effects that impair quality of life. At Timeless Med, we offer topical Finasteride with added 10% Minoxidil as an effective method to preserve your existing hair without the detrimental side effects of oral administration. It’s a popular product so don’t miss out on our advanced approach to hair retention – all the benefits without the drawbacks. 

Nutrafol hair growth supplements

Nutrafol is a line of highly effective supplements that can improve the quality and density of your hair. Not only do these products deliver the critical building blocks of hair such as biotin, vitamins, and minerals, but they contain herbal nutrients to naturally protect hair follicles from hair loss-triggering hormones DHT and cortisol. The product line is 100% drug-free, formulated with medical-grade, natural ingredients to support hair health and growth.

Hair growth nutraceuticals for men

  • Men’s De-Stress action system: This nutritional support product is formulated to reduce hair loss that is associated with chronic stress and an excess of cortisol. It has adaptogenic herbs to combat chronic stress and its effects on your hair. We live in a fast-moving, stressful culture, and at Timeless Med, our whole-body approach is geared to help you continue to feel energetic, youthful, and look your best.
  • Nutrafol Men: This formula contains vitamins, minerals, a Synergetic Complex and Nutrafol blend of herbs and amino acids that will increase the thickness and density of your hair. 
  • Nutrafol Growth Activator: This product is a lightweight serum that activates healthier, stronger-feeling hair. Formulated with plant exosomes extracted from the Ashwagandha seed, it works to promote cell renewal. The Dual action system has both the Growth Activator and the Nutrafol Men and is a three-month supply of topical serum.

Hair growth nutraceuticals for women

  • Nutrafol Women: Women who are living with excessive hair shedding, thinning, or hair loss can experience an improved situation with Nutrafol Women. This formula targets several underlying causes of female hair loss, including stress, nutrition, metabolism, aging, and hormonal changes. Watch your hair become thicker, stronger, and ward off further hair loss with a natural product that works.
  • Postpartum: The first year after a birth and breastfeeding can lead to excessive hair loss, which can be very distressing. This supplement can be taken while breastfeeding, providing whole-body support by replenishing what your hair and body need after having a new baby.
  • Women’s Balance: This formula was developed for women of all ages, including during, and following menopause. The medical grade, natural ingredients target the underlying causes of hair thinning and shedding – hormonal changes, aging, and changes in metabolism.

Whole-body care at Timeless Med

At Timeless Med, we approach hair loss as one facet of whole body health. If you are losing your hair, see your hairline receding, your part becoming wider, or balding areas appearing, we go above and beyond to treat the underlying causes, offering a full array of wellness treatments, along with the gold standard robotic hair restoration, the ARTAS iX, for faster, more comfortable, natural-looking outcomes. Imagine a center that genuinely cares about you where you will discover wellness treatments to restore healthy hair growth along with your youthful energy and drive. Our center is unique, groundbreaking, and focused on helping you enjoy life’s journey at any age. We perform hair transplants on both men and women, with an array of FUE systems to provide you with the best possible solution for your hair restoration needs.

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