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You don’t need to be resigned to losing your hair – at Timeless Med, we can help you outsmart nature. FUE hair restoration refers to a process called “follicular unit extraction.” This customized hair restoration treatment involves harvesting healthy hair follicles one by one, with a micro-motor system. If you are interested in FUE Hair Restoration in Scottsdale, Timeless Med can assist you.

Minimally invasive hair restoration – fast recovery, exceptional results.

A minimally invasive hair restoration treatment procures exceptional results, with very little recovery time, and no linear scar. At Timeless Med, our founders have created a center where you gain access to the world’s best systems for hair restoration, achieving a success rate of 96%  and higher. Come to Timeless Med, do it right the first time, and it can be the only time enjoying your new forever hair! Along with wellness treatments to restore your youthful energy and vitality.

Meet with us in a virtual consultation and take the first step to a more confident life!

How does FUE hair restoration work?

Timeless Med is not your average medical clinic, but a place for custom, personal enhancement. We offer hair restoration treatments that are years ahead of older techniques. The process has several steps:

  • We shave down the hair in the area where follicles will be removed as well as around the transplanted area. We do not have to shave the whole head.
  • Using our groundbreaking ARTAS iX robotic technology, we don’t have to shave the whole head. The healthy follicles are harvested in a random pattern, without disrupting the look of your natural hair. 
  • Our hair restoration specialist creates implant sites, which are tiny incisions where the follicles will be inserted. Our technology can create the sites even in the hairline.
  • Our talented technicians have a combined 25 years of experience. They place the grafts we have two placing at the  same time implanting over 500 grafts each per hour meticulously in the tiny incisions, and then clean and bandage the treated area. 
  • Our doctor is active and present during the entire duration of the transplant procedure. This is a clinic that has entire dedicated staff for your transplant.
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The WAW Manual Motorized System

The WAW system enables us to create FUE hair restoration results with an improved sense of precision and accuracy, so you can enjoy the results you’ve envisioned, regardless of the specifics of your treatment plan. The speed and angle can be adjusted on the fly, and a motorized handpiece enables our practitioners to operate with more accuracy than ever before. The WAW manual has great precision. You can adjust speed and angulation freely with the support of the motorized handpiece. It allows you to place the hybrid tornado punch of the skin accurately. The advantages of the manual you can work deeper and with less trauma to the surrounding areas. With this new verison, you can control the three main parameters:

  • Acceleration
  • Speed
  • Angulation

The ARTAS IX Robotic Hair Restoration System

We are excited to announce the first time ever that’s robot can do hairline, and site making! It can do 1,000 sites in 15 minutes with harvesting 1,500 grafts in one hour. It’s the Ferrari of robots. We are one of only three clinics in the entire world to have the newest and best robotic technology in the industry. This robotic hair transplant machine offers precise and efficient results. Robotic FUE is a highly effective alternative to the traditional method, offering an unparalleled level of precision, speed, and quality. It’s a clinically proven hair transplant solution that delivers permanent and natural results without stitches or linear scarring. You can cut and style your hair the way you want. Hair is permanently transplanted, and the ARTAS IX procedure is less painful and fast recovery. The ARTAS hair transplant procedure is an ideal solution for men who would like to improve the density and appearance of their hair. If you’re experiencing thinning hair, receding hair, or hair loss, the ARTAS IX System can help.

Manual FUE Micro NX

The MicroNX FUE treatment includes removing follicular units from the donor area one at a time a Micro Motor-equipment, which is a minimally invasive method that allows patients to recuperate faster and with few scars. This method MicroNX FUE is among newest techniques in hair plantation field. It follows extraction of hair grafts with a punch that comes with micro motor. In simple terms, follicular unit extraction is a hair transplant operation that follow the extraction of grafts individually from the donor area, which are generally located at the back of the patients head. The FUE procedure is considered safe with minor possible side effects such as tiny white scars where follicles were extracted. As you get older, the three-phase cycle of hair growth and regrowth shortens until follicles no longer regrowth hairs. This process is different for everyone. FUE hair transplant restores hair by replacing these old follicles with new follicles that are still able to grow hair. After the transplant, the follicles will be nourished by blood vessels and begin growing hair in the area that previously had thin hair or balding.

FUE Procedure Steps

  • Shave down the hair in the area where follicles will be removed as well as around the transplanted area.
  • Using a MicroNX tool, they will remove follicles from your skin.
  • The doctor will make tiny incisions where follicles will be inserted.
  • The technicians will insert the grafts into the incisions.
  • The technician will clean and bandage the area for recovery.
  • Recovery from FUE is quick. You may have some swelling or discomfort for about three days.
  • After your hair transplant it takes some time for your skin to heal. In fact, it’s normal for some of your hair to fall out for the first three months after the procedure. Healing can take anywhere between six to 12 months but once the healing process is complete, the transplanted follicles begin to grow hair that will fill out the bald patches on your scalp. This is hair that will continue to grow naturally as you get older.
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Time to heal.

After your hair transplant it takes some time for your skin to heal. In fact, it is normal for some of your hair to fall out for the first three months after the procedure. The transplanted hair will take four to twelve months to integrate into your scalp and begin producing healthy hairs. You will start to see the results at four months, reaching maximum results at twelve months. The hair will continue to grow naturally throughout the years ahead.

What is the recovery time?

Recovery from FUE Hair Restoration in Scottsdale is not difficult and requires only two to three days for most of our clients. You could experience some swelling or discomfort for about three days, but this side effect is typically minor, requiring only over-the-counter medication. 

How hair loss occurs – the three phase cycle of hair growth, shedding, and regrowth

As you get older, the three-phase cycle of hair growth and regrowth shortens, the diameter of each follicle becomes smaller, and the scalp can dry. All these factors impact hair growth. First, the hairs produced may be thinner and finer, break or shed easily, until the follicles are no longer able to produce any hair. Hormonal changes have an impact, and we may advise additional wellness treatments such as hormone replacement therapy to restore your energy and vitality along with your hair restoration treatment.

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Advanced hair restoration treatments, customized for you.

At Timeless Med, our custom hair restoration treatments are different for everyone, but in essence we replace dying or dormant hair follicles with follicles that have the capacity to produce hair, typically harvested, one by one, from the back of the head in a random pattern. These healthy follicles are transplanted to thinning or balding areas, where they are nourished by blood vessels and begin growing hair for a fuller head of hair, your new “forever” hair.

The Timeless Med difference – a revolutionary approach to hair restoration and wellness.

When you meet with us at Timeless Med, you are starting a journey to thicker hair, under the care of wellness experts who deliver the world's most effective treatments. We are passionate about what we do, and offer the gold standard in physical enhancements, along with an array of wellness treatments to restore energy, youthful drive, and overall vitality. 

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