Exosomes – what are they? As aesthetic technology advances, new discoveries become available, and ELEVAI topical aesthetic serums are poised to disrupt the aesthetic industry. Exosomes carry a “cargo,” made up of proteins, lipids (fatty acid organic compounds), and nucleic acids (the primary information delivery system molecules in cells), which are transferred to the cells, triggering natural skin regeneration. These serums produce a remarkable level of skin enhancement with a powerful combination of skin renewing ingredients:

  • Potent exosomes 
  • Powerful peptides
  • Calming cytokines
  • Moisturizing hyaluronic acid
  • Collagen boosting vitamin C and other ingredients to support skin health.

Empower Post Treatment Serum

Following a skin rejuvenation treatment, The Empower exosome post treatment serum is a clean,  concentrated serum designed specifically for one-time application after your procedure. The formulation activates the skin’s natural healing signals to promote anti-inflammatory effects through a potent dose of ELEVAI Exosomes. Our stem cell facials are a cooling and relaxing way to rejuvenate your skin especially after using one of our IPL lasers for a PhotoFacial, or to sooth and renew your skin following RF microneedling.

Enfinity Regenerative Serum (30ml)

For advanced, at-home skincare and renewal, ELEVAI Enfinity is a daily applied serum, loaded with a blend of ELEVAI Exosomes, which combine nano-encapsulated stem cell growth factors with peptides and other ingredients formulated to support skin health, renewal, and regeneration. Regular daily use of this groundbreaking product will leave you with skin that is noticeably healthier, brighter, and glowing.

The beauty of ELEVAI watch your skin respond.

The scientists behind the development of the ELEVAI line have created truly groundbreaking serums that produce results you will see and feel. These products are formulated with skin renewing ingredients:


The ELEVAI Exosomes work to trigger the skin’s natural healing capacity and allow you to enjoy the results of skin rejuvenating treatments for longer.

Hyaluronic acid

HA, or hyaluronic acid, has the amazing capacity to attract and hold moisture, for deep hydration and a plumping effect.

Vitamin C

The vitamin C in our formulas is a proprietary blend, containing four different types of bioavailable vitamin C, one of the most effective antioxidants, with 50 times more powerful than standard vitamin C, working to penetrate the skin’s surface and neutralize free radicals – the culprit in skin aging.

Copper peptides

Peptides are strings of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Copper peptides are particularly effective on the skin, restoring firmness, smoothness, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles through triggering collagen, elastin, and improved antioxidant action.

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Timeless Med A unique approach to skin rejuvenation.

At Timeless Med, you will discover a clinic entirely different from any other. Our founder, Dara Rummel, has scoured the planet to identify the most effective, non-invasive treatments, and skincare products that deliver what they promise. Our clinic offers world-class, personalized care, and is passionate about ensuring every person we treat is given our full attention and achieves results beyond their expectations. 

The ELEVAI line has proven to be exceptionally effective, and we love what it can do to extend the results of a skin rejuvenation treatment, such as a PhotoFacial, skin resurfacing, or RF microneedling, soothing and relaxing the skin while working magic.

The ELEVAI story: The science of aesthetics

ELEVAI Labs was founded by a Stanford-educated scientist and a Harvard-educated plastic surgeon, who identified a gap in the skincare industry, the use of regenerative medicine to enhance skin health. They developed a proprietary exosome product that has proven to be one of the most remarkable discoveries in the aesthetic field. The ELEVAI Post Treatment E-Series works by harnessing the body’s natural repair response with a potent serum that works true wonders on your skin.

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