Your body is programmed to store fat on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and buttocks. As the years pass, the quantity of natural collagen the body produces diminishes dramatically, leading to the dimples of cellulite, along with lax, sagging skin. Imagine a treatment that can resolve these issues, without surgery, a long recovery, or downtime! Meet the effortless Venus Versa OctiPolar body contouring, tightening, and lifting treatment at Timeless Med – these treatments can be life changing! If you are interested in Body Contouring in Scottsdale, Timeless Med can assist you.

How does it work?

Our groundbreaking body contouring device, Venus Versa, delivers a specialized type of energy, multi-polar radio frequency in combination with pulsed electromagnetic fields. This combination of energies creates a uniform heating effect on the skin, triggering the skin’s natural capacity to heal, and generating collagen and elastin production. As the skin becomes stronger, more supple, and more resilient, it lifts, recontours, and becomes smoother, as fat cells are destroyed and shed naturally in the days and weeks ahead.

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What areas can be treated?

Our world-class body contouring system can treat a range of concerns, including:

  • Smooths cellulite dimples and uneven skin texture
  • Fatty or saggy upper arms
  • Love handles
  • Fatty tummy zone, slack skin
  • Reduce thigh circumference
  • Contour, lift and tighten buttocks

At Timeless Med, we believe our clients deserve world-class, non-invasive treatments that resculpt your physique without undergoing surgery. You may regularly exercise, eat a healthy diet, but still have fatty areas that linger, no matter how hard you try. With our OctiPolar body contouring, lifting and skin tightening treatment, you can finally create the figure you want.

The figure you envision can be yours.

At Timeless Med, our Venus Versa Body shaping treatments will boost collagen production, break down fat cells, and tighten sagging skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite so the body looks slimmer, sculpted and more toned. 

Is body contouring right for me?

If you want to resculpt your figure but don’t want to undergo a stressful, traumatic surgical treatment, you are a good candidate, with a few exceptions. No matter your skin tone, if you have excess fat, lax skin, cellulite, or diminished skin elasticity, you deserve to discover this groundbreaking treatment.

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Timeless Med – the ultimate destination for body contouring in Scottsdale.

When you are under the care of our professionals at Timeless Med, you will experience a very positive, empowering journey. Our founder, Dara Rummel, is passionate about helping her clients achieve their personal health and aesthetic goals and has created a clinic like no other in America, where clients can achieve world-class treatments and personal support and care before, during, and after treatment. Our goal? For you to achieve your personal goals, with fast, non-invasive treatments that work, and access to an array of wellness treatments for whole-body health. 

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Non-invasive body contouring: The benefits

Our body contouring system was specially selected due to the incredible results that can be achieved, without the stress of a long recovery – just a slimmer, firmer, tauter look. The benefits of our treatments include:

  • Safe for all skin tones
  • Comfortable to experience
  • Short treatment time – 30 minutes
  • No downtime
  • Visible results

What is the treatment like to experience?

This treatment is like no other fat reduction, skin tightening system, as it produces remarkable changes, and is comfortable to experience. You will feel a minor suction on the skin surface, along with a warming effect. These sensations are adjustable to ensure your comfort. Most patients find it soothing and relaxing to experience. 

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Is there any downtime?

These treatments have zero downtime, just visible results. Once complete, you are free to return to your usual activities. Your skin may feel slightly warm or look flushed for a few hours but not uncomfortable or painful.

How many treatments will I need?

To achieve optimal results, you will need a series of these painless, non-invasive treatments, generally each area treated should have five sessions. This is our CEO’s personal favorite treatment, and she is always creating session packages that make this treatment affordable to anyone in need of it. As the days and weeks pass, you will see your skin becoming smoother, tauter, and more sculpted, and areas of excess fat melting away. This experience is very rewarding, and at Timeless Med, we believe you deserve it.

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