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Dara Rummel is CEO and Managing Member of the Timeless Med Clinic. As a lifelong entrepreneur, she has spent the last 20 years acting as an industry disruptor that consistently finds a better way of doing things.

An extraordinary talent Dara Rummel

Upon entering the cosmetic medicine space, Dara quickly found a distinct gap between the services that medical doctors were providing and the true wants and wishes of their patients. After working with and consulting for over 95 surgeons and doctors, she decided to launch the Timeless Med clinic in an effort to bridge that gap and finally give patients the opportunity to pursue a whole body approach to looking and feeling their best. Dara saw over and over how medical clinics were based on the services that the doctors were able or willing to provide, and always used procedure margins in determining their suggested method of care. The Timeless Med Clinic was built solely on the desire to create a space that caters to what patients actually wanted and not the most lucrative services to offer.

Disrupting the status quo aesthetic treatments for the modern man and woman.

The Timeless Med Clinic is an innovative approach to provide patients a cutting edge and safe space for both men and women that offers products and services for optimal health and the best non-invasive aesthetic technology in the world. The clinic is now the very first in North America to offer the three most technologically advanced robotic and laser treatment machines in its pursuit to pioneer a more modern and current way of delivering cosmetic medicine to its patients.

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Create, connect, and collaborate.

Dara lives by a motto in life: “Create, Connect, and Collaborate.” After 20 years of building businesses, her network is extensive and very specialized. In her goal of being able to provide unparalleled client-care, Dara created an all-star team of the top doctors and technicians in the Valley to deliver the Timeless Med Clinic goals having 100% patient satisfaction. 

Dara is a hard-working, disciplined, and passionate woman with an unwavering determination to bring everyone with her to the top. Dara believes it takes a village to create a household national brand and has paired up with the very best the industry has to offer to fulfill her mission of helping her male and female clients look their absolute best at any age.

Make the outer “you” reveal your youthful energy and drive.

Dara has created a groundbreaking approach to wellness and advanced aesthetics, Timeless Med. The center was created as the first of its kind, where clients can undergo non-invasive, fast, and effective treatments in an environment of understanding, personalized care, and where they have the opportunity to become timelessly confident – at any age.

In her free time, Dara is a mother, Modern Wellness Advocate, and philanthropist. She currently sits on the board of the multiple non-profit organizations across the globe. She is an entrepreneur by vocation, a visionary by definition and altruistic by conviction.

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